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Stop Cutting Down Trees—Every year, 33 million acres of forests are cut down. The thickening of End global warming essay atmosphere because of presence of increased carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is called greenhouse effect.

10 Solutions for Climate Change

There are some effective measures following on the global level by the human beings may reduce the effect of global warming. Controlling the population growth is also a great hand towards reducing the global warming all through the world as it lessens the use of destructive technologies on the earth.

Global warming is a big environmental and social issue all over the world which everyone must know especially our kids and children as they are the future. Various emissions by means of transport generate different pollutants which get converted to the aerosols through many chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

Four major changes take place prior to this. A large number of cities located in coastal areas will submerge in the sea.

Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program, can cut electric bills while something as simple as weatherproofing the windows of a home can reduce heating and cooling bills.

Effects of Global Warming Essay

Such carbon capture and storage is critical to any serious effort to combat climate change. Unplug—Believe it or not, U. Old and discarded clothes can be donated to poor people. Deforestation is checking these positive processes. Global Warming Essay End global warming essay words Global warming is a steady process of continuous rise in the level of Earth temperature.

And even more speculative energy sources—hyperefficient photovoltaic cells, solar energy stations in orbit or even fusion—may ultimately be required. The phenomenon of global warming has been occurring naturally as a result of the natural rotation of the sun which changes the intensity of solar radiation hitting the earth, also natural processes such as volcanoes produce a large amount of Sulphur dioxide and other greenhouse gasses which can result in global warming too.

We can share our car while going to office or performing other scheduled activities. It is a human generated cause of global warming. Such green house gases get collected to the atmosphere and disturb the radiative balance of atmosphere.

Ozone layer is declining day by day by increasing release of chlorofluorocarbon gas. If it is not noticed and solved immediately by the efforts of all countries worldwide, it would boom its effects and cause end of life on the earth a day. Huge level climate changes are making hurricanes more dangerous and powerful.

Restricting flying to only critical, long-distance trips—in many parts of the world, trains can replace planes for short- to medium-distance trips—would help curb airplane emissions.

Ozone layer causes protection to the earth surface by inhibiting the harmful sun rays to coming to the earth. We should not waste paper. The use of fossil fuels by the human beings in the transport vehicles cause carbon emission which gets collected in the atmosphere, trap heat, increase atmospheric temperature and cause global warming.

The rise in atmospheric temperature and fall in rain would naturally result in decline in crop production. Solar activity and climate Sincesolar irradiance has been measured by satellites.

Increasing global warming lead to the more water evaporation from earth into the atmosphere, which in turn become a greenhouse gas and again causes rise in the global warming.

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Additional reporting by Larry Greenemeier and Nikhil Swaminathan. Other natural leakage causes additional source of methane release.

Global Warming Essay. The End Is Nigh?

The global End global warming essay in atmospheric temperature has been clearly noticed in the recent years. If a person needs to drive to work and pump their car many times a day, why do this when you can take public transport instead.

However, the increasing level of CO2 is caused due to many reasons like deforestation, use of coal, oil, gas, burning of fossil fuels, burning of gasoline for transportation, unnecessary use of electricity, etc which in turn causes rise in earth temperature.

Consequently, malnutrition and starvation will pose serious challenge before humanity. Global Warming Essay 2 words Global warming is a big issue of the atmosphere on the earth which cause continuous rise in the surface temperature of the Earth.To stop global warming we should stop polluting the air and water also growing trees is a very good way to stop global warming because global warming changes the temperature however, trees can balance the temperature by keeping the temperature cold.

Global warming, also referred to as climate change, is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system and its related effects.

Multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming. Many of the observed changes since the s are unprecedented in the instrumental temperature record.

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Global warming is the increase in the surface and atmospheric temperature generally caused by presence of excess amount of greenhouse gases (such as carbon-di-oxide (CO2), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), etc.) and other pollutants resulting in a change in climate, greenhouse effect, and other negative consequences on the environment.

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Global warming is a global phenomenon which is responsible for the rising temperature of the ifongchenphoto.com warming has a diverse effect on the ecosystem of the earth/5(4).

End global warming essay
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