Paper plate animal masks

Sew up the edges, even the ends and tie around the back of your neck. Add African animal stamps and pens Weaving Use a Styrofoam tray with rubber bands around it and weave with ribbon, feathers, sticks, etc. If a child gets a match, he gets to place the two cards in his ark envelope.

This Mummy sheep mask. Get as creative with the ark as you want.

23 Perfect Paper Crafts for Kids

Players form two lines facing each other. Sheep crafts like this can also be used to celebrate Easter, Christmas or even as a lovely Spring activity for kids. It includes worksheets for writing the ABC's in print and cursive, games and activities to reinforce the lesson, Bible verse cards, math games and phonic games, arts and crafts, science project ideas and other learning activities.

African Shields Shields were made in a great variety of sizes and shapes. In class have the children color the lion face and mane and then glue on noodles.

The groups continue taking turns. Our kids made a huge rainstick using a mailing tube. Stick a small toothpick into the clay to make the hole. On the word "go" the children should act out or make the animal sound on their card and try to find the other child in the room that is acting out the same animal that they are.

Do more then one layer. Oatmeal boxes and coffee cans with plastic lids can serve as hand drums. This giraffe illustrates the basic steps for making paper plate animals. Count the tokens in the boxes. Fold the poster board closed.

We already have a set of DIY zoo animal masksand I have a funny feeling that I may be coaxed into making a few other animal ones as well… We made our sheep masks around the time of Chinese New Year for the Year of the Sheepbut you could also make them for Spring or Christmas nativity, or any time of year really!

Use it to act out the story of when Noah lets the dove go and it comes back with an olive branch. Or punch a hole on either side of the plate and tie on a strip of elastic for your little jungle animal to roam around hands-free! Have the children take turns turning over two cards to see if they match.

Lion Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids

Arrange strips like a wheel, overlapping in the center. If you aren't a member, you can have your children each draw two pictures of the same animal to make two matching cards. Make two collection boxes 2 inches high by measuring and cutting off the tops of two half-pint cardboard milk cartons.

I made a very large Ark out of poster board.Little Hands Paper Plate Crafts: Creative Art Fun for 3 to 7 Year Olds (Williamson Little Hands Series) [Laura Check, Norma Jean Jourdenais] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Animal masks

Quick, easy, and inexpensive crafts use foil, feathers, buttons, markers, paper streamers, and other easy-to-find objects to create animal masks. What to do: 1. Before class cut one paper plate in half and use one half to form the front of the ark.

Save the other half to use as the front of another ark. Your students will have lots of fun in this lesson by Hans Mol! Children practise following instructions and learn vocabulary for parts of the face and personality adjectives by making an animal mask.

4 Fun Zoo-Themed Party Crafts for Kids (and 1 for Mom)

Fireplace Paper Bag This warm fireplace from Crafts by Amanda is a homey addition to a doll house or a kid's room to make them feel like real grownups (without the fire hazard, of course!).

It will be fun for the little ones to search out sticks in the woods or at your local park for their very own mini fire place! Make these Jungle Masks for party fun or for your VBS Jungle adventure.

Animal Masks

Sometimes all you need is a mask to set the tone for the perfect costume. I like things that are easy to make and beautiful to behold. So children can manage without help, feel proud of themselves and enjoy the end result.

That’s exactly the way these little chicken and rabbits turned out. Print them on cardboard paper if possible, but ordinary printer paper will work.

Paper Plate Sheep Mask for Kids Download
Paper plate animal masks
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