Singapore airshow

Report and photos by Chris Gee view portfolio First Published: Feb 08 AirAsia looks set to confirm an order for Airbus wide-body jets, soothing nerves at the European planemaker after Boeing tried to swoop on its biggest Asian customer and extend a lead in the lucrative long-haul market.

Singapore Airshow 2018 - Wrap Up

This was a good reminder that commonality is achieved through sharing systems and tactics, not the airframe itself. Mike Yeo A company video played at the Singapore Airshow shows the Wing Loong II operating in both desert and littoral environments, with the latter showing it Singapore airshow small surface craft using pound YJ-9E anti-ship missiles.

Singapore Airshow

Following the ceremonial ribbon cutting, officials toured the Pavilion and met with Singapore airshow. To celebrate in loud and exhilarating fashion, a unique demonstration team was put together this year comprising one FSG and two FC fighter jets.

Archived from the original on 10 November Boeing has provisionally defined two versions: The Star Shadow will also feature a ventral payload bay that measures 2.

Take-off and recovery will be effected via conventional means, with the air vehicle fitted with a retractable undercarriage assembly comprising a twin wheeled nosewheel unit and single wheeled main units.

This will certainly put pressure on Bombardier who will see its two main competitors join forces, following on from the new deal between Bombardier and Airbus. Defense News brings you images of platforms that companies and countries are showing off to attendees of the Singapore Airshow.

Second row from left: Want to read more? It also has better than expected airfield performance, while its smaller cousin, the A, of which have been delivered, has Singapore airshow to have a remarkable dispatch reliability of The fire was put out by emergency services and the pilot was treated for minor injuries.

Singapore airshow enjoyed a beach buffet, music by the U. Given the limited airspace, the Singaporeans have in their home nation, much of the RSAF is deployed overseas for training, some of it permanently.

In hindsight, this author recommends getting accommodation closer to a train station rather than to the airport. Departments of State, Defense and Commerce and our advocacy partners at the Aerospace Industries Association AIA came together to deliver more of what American exhibitors were going for — market opportunities, business relationships and on-site impact!

They will have the capacity to carry 10 pallets in the lower deck, and 14 in the upper deck. Archived from the original on 3 March As well as contributing actual aircraft to the show many of the exhibitors at the Expo went so far as to employ Virtual Reality systems to showcase their wares, alongside models, full-scale mock-ups, and multi-media presentations.

Note that the old site is a good 2 kilometres due west of the current one. The event also hosted the Aviation Leadership Summit. Boeing confirmed the configuration of its new MAX, with orders now standing at Aircraft, the bulk of which are to be delivered to carriers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite much poking and prodding by this author, probably annoyingly so, there was no talk either way from the Singaporeans as to whether their plan to base F or F aircraft at Ohakea, New Zealand, has progressed any further. Royal Malaysian Air Force: Their display was a huge hit with the audience on the public days.

The fact that this incredible machine is at the spearhead of aviation technology was not lost on the RAAF P8-Poseidon aircrew that this author spoke to at the event.

On the 6th of February a KAI T Golden Eagle which is part of the Black Eagles aerobatic team taking part in airshow veered off the runway during take off, it subsequently crashed and caught fire.

Feb 09 Maritime patrol aircraft seen as key in Asia, but buyers elusive When Boeing's P-8A Poseidon first arrived at the Singapore Airshow two years ago, it caused a stir.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also said to have ordered, or are operating, the Wing Loong II, although this has not been confirmed. The video also boasts that the Wing Loong II can be fully fueled and armed within 30 minutes of landing.

Boeing, Kawasaki, Embraer, Leonardo, Lockheed, Saab and Airbus all displayed models and brochures of their offerings, with some of the actual airframes, such as the P-8, AM and G, appearing in the static display.

Feb 09 Cheaper Chinese military drones are chipping away at U.

Singapore Airshow 2018 - RSAF 50th Anniversary

It was reported in January that the United Arab Emirates was the launch customer of the Wing Loong II, with three UAVs matching the dimensions of the type sighted on satellite imagery of the Qusahwira air base taken in October Interestingly, there is apparently little commonality in crew training and maintenance between the E-7 and P-8, despite both being based on the They will receive the first of 49 aircraft in March.

Given anticipated fuel, production and logistics efficiencies this is a size of aircraft that is drawing a lot of interest from airlines across the globe.The Singapore Airshow, formerly known as Changi International Airshow, is a biennial aerospace event held in Singapore, debuted in The event was launched as a partnership between Singaporean agencies Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Defence Science and Technology Agency after the relocation of Asian Aerospace from Singapore.

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Singapore Airshow

The edition of the Singapore Airshow opens February 6, with some new features, and a variety of associated forums and conferences. Regular visitors will find the same layout at the show site.

Singapore Airshow 2018: BAE Systems looks to Northeast Asian expansion

Chinese firm shows off two drones in a first for Singapore Airshow By: Mike Yeo February 7 Get an up-close look at some Chinese drones at the Singapore Airshow, both of which bear a striking.

Singapore airshow
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